December 2006

I promised a friend that I would dedicate this month’s journal entry to Christmasno, that wasn’t itwhat is it called?...I can’t think of itumoh yeah! Writer’s block!

Writer’s block is when a writer can’t THINK of what to WRITE. When I experience writer’s block it is because I am stuck on the THINK part. I THINK I can’t THINK of anything to write. If I turn on the computer and start WRITING, writer’s block goes away.

Sometimes we writers are too busy to write. This is not writer’s block, this is called Bad Priorities.. We do what is important to us! Think about it! If I choose to watch TV instead of write it is because Star Trek is more important. So if you are a writer, and are feeling like you have writer’s block, check yourself to see if you are experiencing Bad Priorities.

And then there is sheer laziness. Writing is work! Other stuff is easier, like sleeping.

Thinking about writing is not writing. Planning to write is not writing. Wishing you could write is not writing. If you want to be a writer you have to WRITE. So do it. Sit down and do it. Make time. Turn off that Demon Box, TV. Wake up! WRITE! If you do this, you won’t have writer’s block. I promise.

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