Nerd No More

written by

Kristine L. Franklin

book info


Candlewick, 1996

ISBN: 1564026744

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You'll enjoy reading ...

Wiggie Carter gets himself into real trouble because he tries desperately to be a cool kid instead of a nerd with a mom who hosts a TV science show. This fast and funny book takes the reader from Wiggie's attempts at popularity (glitter boogers, for one) to his mishaps to finally finding friends. Truly a "nerd no more."

Reviewers have said ...

"This realistic contemporary story told from Wiggie's point of view is humorous and fast paced. His search for an image acceptable to the boys with whom he longs to be friends is truthful and understandable. Wiggie's mistakes are genuine, and readers can't help but empathize with him." E.P. Abarbanel, SLJ

"The writing is sure; the dovetailing of grief and memory with the events of the plot is impeccable. Readers won't soon forget Perry and his father as they rejoin the human race." Kirkus Reviews

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