The Gift

written by

Kristine L. Franklin

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Chronicle, 1999

ISBN: 081180447X

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Jimmy Joe can hardly believe it. Fish Woman has invited him to go fishing. And not just regular fishing, but salmon fishing. Some say that Fish Woman might be a witch, but salmon fishing...well, that's an invitation you just can't turn down. So he puts on his hat, his sweater and his yellow slicker, and Jimmy Joe and Fish Woman head out to sea for an adventure more magical than he ever could have imagined. Vibrant watercolors in glowing hues of blue, green, and red bring alive the beauty of the sea, the magnificence of the mighty whales that live within it, and the warmth of the characters, making this a special story about friendship and the true meaning of giving.

Reviewers have said ...

"Like the narrative, the art works on several levels, depicting the austere beauty of the locale while conveying the mystical quality of the child's encounter with the whales. An affecting reflection on the meaning of giving." Publishers Weekly

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