Dove Song

written by

Kristine L. Franklin

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Candlewick, 2006

ISBN: 0763632198

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Bobbie Lynn's mother has always been kind of delicate and moody, dependent on Daddy for everything. Now Daddy has been sent away to the war in Vietnam, and Bobbie Lynn is worried. So is her older brother, Mason. How is Mama going to take care of them without Daddy's help for a whole year? And what if Daddy never comes home at all?

Awards: Minnesota Book Award

Reviewers have said ...

"Franklin convincingly portrays attitudes of the late 1960s; the confusion and disagreement over the war; the Feeney family's open, uncomplicated Catholicism; and the fear and shame associated with handicaps of all kinds. This is both a sensitive story of friendship and family problems and solid historical fiction." Kathleen Isaacs, SLJ

"A moving novel about friendship and responsibility that is at once sorrowful and joyful." Booklist

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