Here I am, Horse Girl. Horses were my life until I figured out that (some) boys were better dates. I saved $150 of babysitting money to buy Marissa.

Stewart Junior High School (cont'd)

My horse was gorgeous. I named her Marissa. She bucked, she reared, she ran me under trees to knock me off. She bit other horses and wouldn't let anyone but me ride her. She was very loyal.

Lincoln High School

In High School I started wishing I had a car instead of a horse except that boys who didn't believe that I had a horse would come over just to see if I was lying. The problem was that any boy who tried to ride my horse got bucked off. It was pretty funny but didn't exactly make me popular. My dating life stunk but at least my horse loved me. In High School I played a couple of sports—gymnastics, until I got too tall, and later volleyball, because I got tall. I graduated in 1976 and went off to college to be Educated.


I went to the University of Washington in Seattle for two years. I studied journalism, then I changed my mind. I studied Speech Science, then I changed my mind. I signed up for Chemistry, thinking I'd be a dentist, then I changed my mind.

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