Here I am on our extra-long Flexible Flyer with my sister Linda on my back. Below, we're building a dog house in our nightgowns.

Mary Lyon Elementary School (cont'd)

In Second Grade I brought a cow's heart for show-and-tell. Mostly, life was calm. The best thing that happenend in grade school was that I got a pony. Every night I prayed I would get a pony and finally God listened up. Some people had a pony they didn't want any more. She had cancer and my dad felt sorry for her. We brought her home and called the vet. SURPRISE! The pony didn't have cancer, just a bad tooth. The vet pulled the tooth and the pony got well. She bit, she kicked, she rubbed me up against the barbed wire fence. She bucked, she reared and everyone was scared of her. She was the meanest pony on earth. I loved her a lot. Her name was "Beauty."

Stewart Junior High School

In Seventh Grade I discovered I had Bad Posture. I did NOT win a single Posture Star in P.E. Class. This hurt a lot. In Eighth Grade I won a single Posture Star, which meant I got to be a Daisy Girl in the Daisy Chain at the May Day Pageant. In Ninth Grade I got four stars. I was Hot. I was It. I was a Duchess. (My life would have turned out so much differenly if I had been chosen Queen...) After that I gave up posture altogether in order to pursue higher goals, like babysitting for fifty cents an hour and saving my money to get a real horse, which I did!

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