In New Guinea, 1977, with the shortest (and most warrior-like) of all my boyfriends. Kidding.

Senior year, 1975-76.

College (cont'd)

I took a trip to New Guinea which was my first experience in another culture. I met a man there who wanted to marry me. He wore a very cool pig tusk through his nose and not much else. He said I was the tallest woman he'd ever seen, that I could carry lots and lots of yams and firewood, and that my dad would be a fool to take any less than 40 pigs for me. This man wanted to know how to get hold of my dad so he could offer 40 pigs. Good thing there were no phones in that village. I came back to America, enrolled at Biola University in Southern California, and LOVED the BEACH. Oh yeah, I also studied. My major was Communications. I was on the Speech Team and won many cool trophies for my ability to talk. I graduated in 1981.

My Real Love Life Begins

Not long after graduating I met my future husband at a dude ranch in Colorado. DUDE! We both worked there. He was a cute wrangler who scooped poop and helped rich people in tight jeans get up on their horses. I was a glamorous housekeeper who scrubbed toilets and starched pillow cases all day. It was a highly romantic atmosphere. A lot of girls had crushes on Marty Franklin, but he liked me, the lowly cabin-cleaning girl.

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